Quality policy for Emmoths Kakel AB

Quality policy is for Emmoths Kakel AB an overall concept which involves what we offer our customers as well as how we carry out our work. Quality for us is satisfied customers and reaching set demands.


The quality work involves all activities in Emmoths Kakel AB - from idea to finished projects. It concerns everything from technical issues regarding production as well as the administration work. We have the same demands on our consultants, suppliers and sub-contractors as we have on ourselves.


In order to achieve high quality we organize and structure the work with the quality goals, self control and have internal routines for follow-up control.


Environmental policy for Emmoths Kakel AB

• The environmental work shall be carried out openly and in co-operation with the trade and industry, local authorities, municipality and the public.

• The starting point for our work is to continuously improve and find new solutions in the environmental area. We undertake of course ourselves to follow laws in force regarding exterior and interior environment.

• All purchases are to be done in the best way possible through an environmental aspect. When choosing between two similar products the product that brings less.

• Less danger to the environment is to be chosen.

• All waste is recycled or taken care of in an, through environmental aspect, acceptable way.

• Our goal is to be better than average in our business field.

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